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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scholarship of engagement?
The National Review Board considers the Scholarship of Engagement as a term that captures scholarship in the areas of teaching, research, and/or service. It engages faculty in academically relevant work that simultaneously meets campus mission and goals as well as community needs. In essence, it is a scholarly agenda that integrates community issues. In this definition community is broadly defined to include audiences external to the campus that are part of a collaborative process to contribute to the public good.

How do I submit my information for review?
For those institutions requesting review of their faculty's scholarship of engagement, the process of submission requires a preview letter to inform the clearinghouses' personnel of the intent to submit materials. Institutions are encouraged to do so one month in advance of the actual submission.

Where can I learn more about developing a portfolio?
The framework and guidelines for the content and process of portfolio development developed out of a project co-directed by Lynton and Driscoll. The National Project for the Documentation and Peer Review of Professional Service and Outreach was developed for the purpose of demonstrating that the scholarship of engagement could be (1) documented in a manner that relays its significance, attention to context, scholarship, and impact; (2) subjected to rigorous peer review; and, (3) assessed according to established criteria for quality. Sixteen faculty from four different universities captured their outreach scholarship through the creation of portfolios. (See Making Outreach Visible, 1999)

Who are the directors of the scholarship of engagement?
Amy Driscoll and Lorilee Sandmann

What is involved in the review process?
After submitting a preview letter requesting review of their faculty's scholarship of engagement reviewers will be assigned based on availability and background to assure the timely and informed review of faculty materials. Upon receipt of the faculty memberís outreach portfolio and support materials, reviewers will have six weeks to critically review and provide written feedback on the content of the materials and make recommendations to the university review committees. Faculty whose portfolios are submitted to the National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement will receive written feedback on the content of the materials as well as on the documentation. Guidelines for preview letters and portfolio development are available from the Clearinghouses.

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