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Benchmarking Engaged Institutions

National Review Board Members

The National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement was created to review and evaluate the scholarship of engagement of faculty who are preparing for annual review, promotion and tenure. The board is composed of individuals who represent varied institutions of higher education and a wide range of disciplines, as well as the roles of program directors, vice presidents, vice provosts, presidents, and tenured faculty. These board members have been leaders in the institutionalization of community engagement, service learning, and professional service. The review board members have committed to review and evaluate faculty portfolios for three years and have collaboratively engaged in preparation for the review process.

Amy Driscoll
Lorilee R. Sandmann
Susan Agre-Kippenhan Frederique Apffel-Marglin
Robert Bringle Patricia A. Book
Cathy Burack Barry Checkaway
Marilyn Corbin David Cox
Thomas Ehrlich Andrew Furco
Shirley Gedeon Sherril Gelmon
Dwight Giles Ira Harkavy
Garry Hesser Barbara Holland
Jeff Howard Florence Juillerat
William Plater Judith Ramaley
Gene Rice Cheryl Rosaen
John Saltmarsh Steve Schomberg
Rob Shumer Kelly Ward
Edward Zlotkowski  

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